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How to Change Scope of Practice from Dental Trainee to General Dentist?

How to Change Scope of Practice from Dental Trainee to General Dentist?

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with any of the institutions. Also, the details given below can change or are incomplete. Please read the guidelines and FAQ on the QCHP website for more information. This is just a personal anecdote so as to help others.

After finishing the required number of years to license as a General Dentist in Qatar, a Dental Trainee can change her scope of practice. As always, everything is detailed on the Guidelines for Dentist on QCHP website. (Page 31)

The documents required while changing the scope of practice from Dental Trainee to General Dentist are:

1. Copy of valid passport 

2. Copy of valid QID (front and back). 

3. A recent no objection letter from the employer for the addition/change of scope. 

4. Copy of valid passing certificate of the qualifying exam

5. Certificate of completion of training signed and stamped by the employer, with start and end dates of training mentioned. 

6. Logbook showing patients name and treatment done to be signed/stamped by the dentist and the supervisor along with facility stamp 

Log Book  This document should have the name and details (like Age/File No etc) of all patients you have treated during your dental trainee period along with the diagnosis/ procedures done on each patient. Each case should be signed by your supervisor. Do not forget to take the signature and seal of your Managing Director along with the Facility stamp.

7. Records of the ILS & PLS program undertaken or booked. Make sure the certificates have not expired and are valid.

8. The Data Flow certificate which was done earlier during your licensing process for Dental trainee. 

9. All the experience certificates from places you have worked previously with start and end date correctly.

If any documents are missing or if they need any further clarification, the application will be sent back and the applicant can complete all the details and documents as needed.

I hope this has been helpful to you if you are considering changing your scope of practice soon.

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