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How to apply for Prometric Exam for General Dentist?

To license as a General Dentist in Qatar (and other GCC countries), Prometric exam has to be cleared with 60%. I will briefly give an outline of how to apply for the Prometric exam. ( Below mentioned details are specifically for QCHP/Qatar. For other GCC countries, please follow the rules specific to the country you want to write the exam for)

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with any of the institutions. Also, the details given below can change. Please read the guidelines and FAQ on the QCHP and Prometric websites for more information. This is just a personal anecdote.

Brief information about Prometric for Dentists (QCHP)


This page from the QCHP website has all the information about the Prometric and the contact details.

For General Dentist, there will be 150 questions and the allotted time is 3.5 hours. The pass percentage for the exam for dentists is 60%. The validity of the exam is 3 years and a candidate can sit for the exam for a maximum of 5 times in his scope. (Info - Circular from QCHP) ( Latest Circular from QCHP 2020 )

Relocation of test center in Qatar - Circular Nov 2020

Contact Details given on the QCHP website for information related to Prometric exam:

  • Phone Numbers:
  • Sunday to Thursday (with Arabic language option):
    • +31 320239530​
  • Friday to Monday :
    • +31 320239800​

Exemptions for the Qualifying exams

1. All Qatari practitioners. 

2. Dentists with Post Graduate Degree with a minimum study duration of 2 years and the study program should include the required accredited practical hours and clinical training. 

Equivalent Exams

1. Dentist exam can qualify for Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienist. 
2. The nursing exam can qualify for Dental Assistants.
3. An applicant shall be exempted from the exam if he/she obtains a valid equivalent exam as illustrated below:
Documented evidence of passing :
  • NJCE -II
  • All parts of the National Dental Examining Board of Canada examination.
  • All parts of the Irish Dental Council Examination (I and II)
  • All parts of the New Zealand Dental Registration Exam (NZDREX)
  • All parts of the Overseas Registration Exam (ORE) for non-UK graduates, this shall not be older than 5 years  
Along with registration with Irish Dental Council, NZ Dental Board and also UK General Dental Council
(All the above information are clearly listed in the circular from QCHP, dated August 5, 2018)

How to apply?

Here is the page from Prometric Website which has all the information for QCHP.

Prometric Exam, General Dentist, QCHP

On the left extreme page of the above-mentioned website, there is a link to locate and decide your test centre. Choose the test centre nearest to your city/country. In Qatar, there is only one test centre.

Once you have chosen your location and test centre, schedule the exam date. Please make sure you are booking the exam for General Dentist conducted by QCHP. Also, give yourself ample time to prepare for the exam depending on your preference and capabilities.

You have to enter your personal details and do the final payment to confirm the test date in the specified test centre. (As per one of the latest circulars from QCHP, the test fee has changed from 212$ to 218.4 $ )

A few more related links :
2) Another FAQ from QCHP (Page 18 onwards)
3)FAQ from Prometric
4) License as a GP, Trainee in Qatar

So that now we have booked the test date, how do we prepare for the exam? We will discuss that later next week.

(I reiterate all the rules can change and hence above information can be invalid. Please contact QCHP or Prometric for further information. This is just a humble attempt to help recent graduates)


  1. Hello. Could you please guide me on how to apply to work as a dentist in Doha-Qatar? I am on a valid Residence permit. Should the exam be given through an employer? How does it work? Thank you

  2. Hello
    You can give the exam even without an employer and can do the data flow too
    But for licensing you need an employer

    Thank you

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  5. Hello,

    I have 2 degrees:
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    - dental surgeon, degree obtained at the University of Paris

    I would like to expatriate to Dubai. What are the conditions to use my diplomas? I had no experience (except internships), just obtained my diploma. I would like to practice as a general dental surgeon in Dubai.

    Thank you in advance. Kind regards,

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