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Licensing as Dental Trainee/General Dentist in Qatar

One of the daunting tasks while relocating to a new country as a Medical Professional is getting licensed in the country. Below I'll share some links and information for new dentists who want to get licensed as a Trainee Dentist/General Dentist in Qatar.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with any of the institutions. Also, the details given below can change. Please read the guidelines and FAQ on the QCHP website for more information. This is just a personal anecdote.

Guidelines for Dentist on QCHP website has all the information required to start the process. It can be accessed HERE.

A simple map to show the entire process can be seen HERE. (As can be seen in the map, the procedure cannot be started without an employer. So the first step you have to do is find an employer willing to take you) More details about Data flow/Primary Source Verification can be read here

I'll briefly outline some of the documents that are needed during the licensing process :

1) Blood Test and Chest Xray: The tests required are HIV test, HCV test, HBV test and Chest X-Ray for TB (Please inform if you are pregnant) This can be done in the Medical Commission, Qatar. For first time applicants, you will need a letter from the employer. ( For good measure take a copy of QID/ photos etc. Generally not required. Bank card required) For renewal of the license/ restoration of the license, a copy of the old QCHP license is required.

After receiving the medical report (within 2 days) please do not forget to take the signature and seal from Medical commission. The CDC seal can be taken from Mesaimer Health Centre.

2) Police Clearance Certificate:  PCC for the CEID requires the following documents:
  • PCC from your embassy
  • MOFA attested degree certificate*
  • Letter from QCHP (received after evaluation. For restoration to registry cases, write to QCHP Help desk)
This can also be done via Metrash 2 App.

* To get your degree certificate attested this link by Sheen services might help for Indian degree holders)

3) ILS and PLS certificates: Registration for ILS and PLS should be done at Hamad International Training Centre. The document for registration should be uploaded during the licensing process incase your course is not yet done while your licensing work is going on. Registration requires 2 photographs and a copy of QID. Take a bank card with you. Cost Qr 500 and Qr 600 respectively.

Since the course is approved by QCHP and has valid CPD points, they also can be uploaded in the CPD profile

4)Certificate of Good Standing: It has to be issued by your previous registration council and has to be sent by them directly to QCHP by postal mail or email.

Some helpful links :

QCHP Contact
QCHP Registration

Again, I reiterate all the rules can change and hence above information can be invalid. Please contact QCHP or your employer for further information. This is just a humble attempt to help new dentists.

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