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20 Dentists to Follow on Instagram

20 Dentists to Follow on Instagram who updates detailed, well researched posts- Includes General Dentists, Specialists, Residents and Students

One of the best advantages of social media platforms is how learning can be done through a multitude of ways - If you are a visual learner, you can watch Youtube videos. If you are an auditory learner, learn from dental podcasts. If you love reading, there are many frequently updated dental blogs. If you like bite-sized information, Dental Instagram and TikTok profiles will help.

I want to highlight a few dental Instagram profiles below, which I follow for the detailed, well-researched dental posts they update. I have learned quite a lot even though Instagram is often considered a vanity-competition-attention seeking social media platform. The benefit of any social media platform is measured by how we 'utilise' it either as a creator or consumer.

Without further ado here it goes, in no particular order, 

20 Dentists to Follow on Instagram

1. Dr Rizal Rizky Akbar - I came across Dr Rizal's profile a year or two ago. If you want to learn about composite placement and polishing, he is the person to go to! His meticulous polishing on composites is such a beautiful sight! My dental heart is pleased :D 

2. Dr Griya Radha  - Another Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentist from Indonesia. I follow him to learn about Composites, Diastema Closure and other Aesthetic treatments besides the usage of Rubber Dams for all cases. I do love reading his Q& A sessions - he shares dental tidbits and clinical hacks! 

3. Dr Yazdan  - If you want to learn about Veneers, her profile is one of the best. All her posts on veneers made me take a Veneers CPD last year. Custom shading her veneers to match the person's skin tone is one of the practices I learned from this profile. She is a true artist! I absolutely love the fact of how she combines motherhood with her private practice besides being active online by coaching clients and healthcare providers. She is a true inspiration to mothers like me who want to learn keeping a balance between personal and professional life.

4. Dentinal Tube If you love learning about various Dental Materials, various types of matrices, wedges, properties of Composite, GIC etc, Dentinal Tube is the profile to go to! Headed by Dr Nate Lawson and other staff from UAB School of Dentistry, this profile is a powerhouse of dental information which doesn't really bore you to death but makes it interesting by clean and clear pictures.

5.  Bloody Tooth Guy by Dr Jason M. Auerbach - This profile constantly updates surgical cases like routine extraction, trans alveolar cases, impaction surgeries, immediate dental implant placement, aspiration from odontogenic lesion and more! An excellent profile for general dentists to learn the basics of OMFS and for OMFS residents to know more about OMFS Private Practice. My favourite videos are where the third molars come popping out with the help of just an elevator :D

6.  Abs.Endo by Dr Ahmed B Salman - If you get a high seeing perfectly filled root canal cases with that tiny puff, this is the profile to go to! dr Ahmed updates his cases and explains with a detailed caption.



7. Post It Pediatric Dentistry by Dr Ben Popple - This profile is proof that if you have good detailed and informative content, then your profile will grow even if the photos are minimalistic with no usual IG bling! This profile updates weekly Pediatric Dentistry Tips written on a Post-It note. What a novel and unique idea! It is quite easy to understand and very helpful for General Dentists. Check out one post below for an example!

8. River Front Pediatric Dentistry by Dr Eyal Simchi - If the above profile was directed towards theoretical aspects of Pediatric Dentistry, this profile shows clinical aspects of Pediatric Dentistry - How to make the young kids comfortable on a dental chair? I love this profile and how Dr Eyal makes his patient at ease with a few trips and tricks! The below trick is one of my favourites!

9. Fifteen Blades by Dr Rola Rabbah - She shares updates of her OMFS residency and explains in detail about the 6-year OMFS program she is doing. She also updates about her fashion finds. She truly shows us we do not have to be less feminine or less fashion-conscious to be a surgeon. I love following her journey and how effortlessly she manages the multiple board exams that she has to take besides night shifts, on calls and the hectic schedule of her residency.

10. Dental Impressions by Abdullah - This profile updates the journey of a dental student doing his DDS program in the US. Dr Abdullah's dedication to his work and clinical lab will inspire students to do their best. Also makes me miss my dental school days a little bit! :D


A few more profiles which I really love:-

11. The Dentist Mom by Dr Helen mo - Pediatric Dentist. She updates excellent information about brushing habits for kids, milk teeth, eruption schedule etc targeted towards new moms and General Dentists.

12. Dr Erin - Pediatric Dentist

13. Dr Nidhi Kotak - Pediatric Dentistry Resident 

(By now, you might have understood I really love Pediatric Dentistry :D)

14. Dr Rania Habib - OMFS

15. SFDentalNerd by Dr Brian Baliwas

16. Dr Maxim Belograd - Everyone's favourite!

17. Dr Celine Highton -  Rubber Dam Fam

18. Pnwoms by Dr Ben Johnson - OMFS

19. Dr Simon Chard - Cosmetic Dentist

20. Students of Dentistry - To find other students and professionals in the field

Do you have any more well-researched profiles to add onto the list?

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