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How to prepare for Prometric Exam for General Dentist?


We have discussed in the previous post regarding the application for the Prometric exam for General dentist, now we need to manage our time seriously and hit the books! I will give a brief outline on how to prepare for the exam. Study methods, duration of study etc varies from individual to individual, hence please change the below tips as per what is best suited for you.

As mentioned earlier, the Prometric exam for General Dentist has 150 questions, the duration is 3.5 hours and the pass percentage is 60%. (New circular)

References for Prometric exam for General Dentist

Here is the breakdown for different subjects from the QCHP website :

  •  Endodontics                                              20
  • Periodontics                                               27
  • Oral Surgery/Oral Medicine                                             31
  • Pediatric Dentistry/Orthodontics               26
  • Restorative Dentistry                                 46

Detailed references and textbooks for each subject are given in the QCHP list. Why is the book list a handy resource to have while preparing for the exam? I will let you know in a little while.

There are multiple websites, Facebook groups, tutors, organisations advertising that they will help you in clearing the Prometric exam. So how do we choose what is best for us and the most appropriate?

Resources to help in studying for Prometric Exam for General Dentist

1) Facebook Groups -

 There are two FB groups which  I mainly referred while preparing for the exam - Qatar Prometric and an Arabic Prometric group ( which unfortunately has been deleted/ changed) There are multiple files in the File section of these groups with different names like : 
SLE 6th edition
Dr Shaheen Kashif.
Dr Gopika 
Corrected FB files -3 files
Jan 2018.
Dr E files.

All these files are crowdfunded or files used and made for personal studying by fellow doctors and later uploaded to the group so as to benefit all. There are many mistakes and errors and they are mostly quite confusing. Use these files as a framework and try to understand the questions. 

For eg: There is a question about cleaning and shaping during root canal treatment. If the question in the file is not clear or the answer given in the above-mentioned files are wrong, then open your endodontic textbook and read about cleaning and shaping such that you get a clear picture about the whole process and you can easily answer any question that comes with regard to cleaning and shaping. If you cannot find the answers in your textbook, try a quick google search or even search in the Facebook groups using keywords.

Always try to verify the answers in the files by reference from textbooks or specialist in the field. This is where the list of textbooks given above comes in help.

(Another FB group I found out recently)

2) DentoGulf (Amazon India affiliate link) -

 I did read this book once before exam but I found many answers in the old version wrong and hence did not refer further. They did have an updated 2019 version on their Facebook page. You could see for yourself if the book is helpful to you. (Amazon US affiliate link)

3) Study partner -

 Find a serious partner who has exam dates near you so that you can bounce off ideas, clarify doubts and help in motivating each other while studying.

4) Personal notes

While studying, make notes for easy remembrance and quick revision before exams. For eg: Write down a list of various etching times for enamel, dentin etc or the bacteria present during pericoronitis, root canal infection etc. Not only does it help in quick revision, but also helps to avoid confusion since the answers are quite similar.

5) Recent past papers/ notes-

Try to compile all the recent papers and notes from the groups. If you are writing exam in February, compile papers from Dec, Jan, Feb etc

6) Revision Files -

I also read through Numbers files, summary files and Ahmed Al Morsy file from the FB groups.

7) Ozident -

I had also referred this site for recent papers. Again please make sure the answers are correct and not blindly follow the given answer in the files. Get back to your textbooks! 

8) NBDE notes/ Dental decks

They are available in different subject and they are quite concise and helpful while studying.

9)Dedicated studying and hard work - 

You need to put consistent studying at least for a month to clear the exam. It could be less or more weeks/months depending on your capabilities. Take this exam as a way to recap and revise your theory before you start working as a General Dentist.

Do read through the Facebook groups to read the experience of other candidates and their tips to clear the exam. Good luck!

Have you started preparing for the exam? Are the above tips helpful to you?

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